Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Amerikaner aufgepasst! Germany in one minute

Hi, welcome to Germany. I will introduce you to my language and my culture. The first word you learn is “Scheiße”. “Scheiße” means shit. We use it a hundred times a day. You wake up in the morning, it’s dark and it’s cold. This is Scheiße. You go to work. It’s Scheiße. You have lunch and the taste is absolutely Scheiße. Than you have to work again. You come home to your wife and kids and it’s Scheiße. Your whole life and the whole world is Scheiße, do you know what I mean? If you understand the concept of Scheiße you understand Germany.
Okay, what else do you have to know? “Schnitzel”. Schnitzel is a piece of pork and we eat it with fries and without any kind of vegetables, not even with sauerkraut which is overestimated in tourist guides. The next word is “Bratwurst”. If you are hungry, use these words. Bratwurst is not pork, it’s roadkill. We do everything we find into the bratwurst. It’s like your Hot Dog. If you want to say hello to a german, say hello. If you want to say bye, say bye. Yeah means “Ja” and No means “Nö”. But try not to use the “Nö”. That’s it. Enjoy your stay in Germany and keep cool.